Protect A Bed

The Protect-A-Bed brand was launched in 2001, and has grown ever since to become a worldwide leader in bed protection innovation. Protect-A-Bed products are available in 45 countries, found in retail stores and trusted by hotels, assisted living facilities and more.

Protect-A-Bed, strive to provide a clean, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. The company focus on innovating products and materials that create conditions essential to sound sleep. Protect-A-Bed design fabrics that are wick moisture, regulate temperature, block pests, allergens and stains, so you can rest comfortably.

Protect-A-Bed has become synonymous with bedding protection and quality. Protect-A-Bed uses patented technology, with its proprietary waterproof Miracle Membrane®, patented BugLock® with SecureSeal® bed bug proofing technology. Protect-A-Bed products are listed as Class 1 Medical Devices with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have received the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Protect-A-Bed is undisputedly World’s No. 1 Mattress Protector and Pillow Protector brand. A complete range of products are available in The Mattress World stores.



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