Ortho medical Collection has been recommended by Orthopedists for patients suffering from back pain. The mattress used bonded – foam core which provides firm support for the back, while the medium cushioning used in the mattress allows sufficient softness to accommodate the hips and shoulders.

Spine Support Series proper mattress support is critical to sleep comfort and to the health of your spine and body. The mattress should provide support at the heavier body point like the shoulder and hips. Support the spine to retain its natural S curve, thus allowing the back muscles to relax.

Spring Mattress Series is by far the most common type of mattress in use. The core of the mattress is made up of metal spring, or coils, to support your body. In many spring mattresses, the coils are encased in individual pockets, which offer more contoured support and better movement isolation than connected springs. Spring mattresses range in firmness of the coils and plushness of the comfort layer, so nearly anyone can find a mattress that feels right.

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