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Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry (TMFI) belongs to the W. J. Towell Group. W.J. Towell is a leading business group in the Sultanate of Oman since 1866. It is engaged in various business activities like Automobile & Tyres, Real Estate, Insurance, General Trading, Construction, Engineering, Shipping, Computers, Consumer Products, Dairy Products and Paint Manufacturing. These operations are located throughout the Middle East and North African Regions.

In 1999 TMFI has put up a state of the art manufacturing facility with the most modern technology & machinery from the USA & Europe under the able guidance and leadership of Mr. Murtadha Ahmed Sultan (Director – W.J. Towell & Co. LLC) and Mr. Ashok Sharma (Chief Executive Officer – TMFI). Today TMFI is firmly entrenched at the leading edge of the bedding industry.  Beginning with Towell Spring its signature brand it earned itself a firm foothold in the MENA region as the Family Favorite.  TMFI then entered into a licensing agreement with a leading brand since 1926 that is Spring Air that prides itself as one of the world’s favorite bedding options. Spring Air has won Coast to Coast United States Comfort Test five years in a row. Shortly thereafter, the company sealed an agreement with Spring Wall, Canada’s Number 1 Mattress since 1950 that is recognized by both the Canadian and American Chiropractors Association.

Logical brand extension then evolved to encompass Windsor an exclusive brand of sofas.

TMFI has been well accepted and rated as one of the finest mattress manufacturers available in the Middle East.  Because of the quality, TMFI has become one of the top five manufacturers in the MENA region and our very own Towell Spring has the title of being the Number 1 brand in the U.A.E. for the last 5 years. We have not only solidified our market in the UAE but we have an extensive export operation to the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt & India.

Because of our superior quality products TMFI succeeded in a very short span of time to become one of the major forces in the Contract Bedding Segments in the MENA region.

At TMFI, research and innovation results in products that perform above international standards.  You can only expect the best from TMFI because we are using the finest raw material, the newest technology and highly trained man power to not only give you superior products but the highest quality in service.

Our Plant

Factory and Equipment

At TMFI we use only the best technology and man power to create our world class products.  The state of the art manufacturing facility has the best machinery sourced from the USA & Europe with an annual production capacity of over 150,000 mattresses, beds and sofas. To further extend our expertise in sleep systems TMFI built another State of the Art Foam manufacturing unit. This unit produces the best PU Foam and the outstanding Europedic Memory Foam.  Our memory foam underneath the brand name of Europedic is the most comfortable and relaxing Visco Memory Foam in the MENA region.

We have refined processes and systems to ensure that only the best sleep systems are delivered to our customers. Our production workers are all trained to adhere to the quality check process at every stage of the production line to ensure that there is no imperfections in our workman ship. Our extensive delivery team are punctual and professional and always trained to cross check the order so that no mistakes are made. Majority of our products hold a 10 year warranty period so you can only expect the highest quality products from our manufacturing unit.