Get your hands on the best memory foam mattress from TMFI

Have you ever experienced reclining on a memory foam mattress? It is indeed a restful affair. Memory foam, also known as visco-elastic foam, is polyurethane-based foam. It has air pockets that react to body temperature and weight. It slowly squeezes and matches up to the body shape that is resting on it, and returns to its original shape when the weight is detached. The soft surface of a memory foam mattress allows for body contouring and its slow response lowers down bounce in the mattress.

TMFI – Leading manufacturers of the best memory foam mattress

TMFI produces the best memory foams in Dubai and Sharjah, providing remarkable comfort and support. TMFI, keeping customer satisfaction foremost, uses newer and better technology to manufacture exceptional quality memory foams. Our memory foams are specially designed to reduce heat using special gel as coolant. Our mattresses guarantee denser and pinpointed feel, relieving pressure points and maintaining natural back position. Denser memory foams are more durable and cozy. Sleeping on high density memory foams increases blood circulation and removes the pressure of the mattress onto the body. It supports the spine and allows the body to stay longer in the same resting position.

We deliver to your satisfaction

Our well-qualified and experienced team is ever ready to serve our clients 24/7. Whether you are a hotel, retail store, or need a mattress for your home, we are at your doorstep within the given time frame. Our memory foam mattresses in Sharjah and Dubai are the results of years of research and innovation, and are known to perform above international standards. Our brand name and titles associated to our name for years are the bench mark for all our bedding options itself. Visit our showroom to experience the exceptional touch of comfort at TMFI.