Purchase a quality memory foam topper to enjoy a restful sleep

Memory foam is also known as ‘temper foam’ because of its temperature-sensitive property. Memory foam was first developed by NASA, for astronauts and was used in the mid-1960s in airplane seats to ensure comfort and protection of passengers. Memory foam mattress toppers are best for body aches and pains as they relieve pain causing pressure points.

TMFI – We deliver the finest memory foam mattress toppers in Dubai and Sharjah

At TMFI, we believe in offering exceptional level of service, comfort and customer satisfaction. We produce the best memory foam mattress toppers that ensure quality sleep and help our customers in recovering from backaches. If you want to renew your old mattress and make it firmer, our memory foam mattress topper is the solution. Our high quality bedding products are compatible in quality and density to those produced by international brands. The feel of our mattress toppers is distinct, and have been assisting our customers in enjoying restful sleep for years.

Towell Mattress & Furniture Industry – A name that you can trust with your eyes closed

At TMFI, we take utmost pride in holding an excellent reputation in the bedding industry and are rated as one of the finest mattress manufacturers all over the MENA region. The extensive research that we put in to better our products, the use of raw material, the manufacturing process as a whole and the final product from our manufacturing plant to your location are all outstanding and promptly done. We manufacture a range of memory foam mattress toppers in Sharjah and Dubai to ensure that the sizing needs of individual customers are met adequately.

As such, we produce toppers with higher density and thickness to match up to the body weight and provide stronger support extending the life of your mattress. We offer a long term warranty for all our memory foam mattress toppers as we believe in the firmness and the quality of our elite level products.

Our key to success is our clients’ contentment and retention due to our out-class products and services. So if you are on the lookout to purchase a quality memory foam mattress topper in Dubai or Sharjah, there’s one name that you can rely on with your eyes closed – TMFI! Visit our showroom today!