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Latex is a milky fluid present in many plants. The latex of the rubber tree is the chief source of natural rubber. Natural rubber latex is used in the making of items like gloves, mattresses, catheters, rubber bands, balloons, tennis shoes, and many other sporting goods. Latex foam is also manufactured with natural latex, which is collected from rubber trees or synthetic latex produced from petrochemicals.
TMFI uses natural latex and processes it into solid foam, thereby providing strength, elasticity and durability in our range of quality latex foam mattresses.

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We consider latex foam the best type of foam to be utilized in manufacturing mattresses and mattress toppers. Every single latex mattress that is manufactured by TMFI is specially designed to offer pain relief and utmost levels of comfort. It identifies your body moves to provide support and does not diffuse and shakeout as the night flows. The latex mattresses in Dubai and Sharjah that we provide are guaranteed to be long lasting and durable as these are the results of years of research, innovation and the dedication of our team.

A majority of our products have a 10 year warranty, which shows our confidence in our products. Another feature that assures quality of our latex foam is the use of natural latex which is an antimicrobial substance that repels hazardous microorganisms that gather at the top of mattress and cause allergies. We use natural latex to ensure safety and avoid using any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Get your hands on the finest quality latex mattress in Sharjah and Dubai

TMFI is known for its superior quality products throughout the UAE and MENA region – and our reputation as the top five manufacturers in the MENA region stands as testimony to our claim. We make our utmost efforts to use the finest raw material for each of our products, and follow refined processes and systems to ensure that only the best sleep systems are delivered to our customers. Our delivery staff is highly efficient and professional, and is dedicated to providing you with double checked order details and timely delivery.

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